01 Jun

01 June 2016

Cheri Yase Kasi, SAB Suppliers

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Cheri Yase Kasi is a proudly South African ideation of experts pioneering disruptive consumer-centric experiential marketing strategies. We come up with authentically relevant ideas for clients, well-known personalities and brands. We consider ourselves the fixer of the marketing industry.

The company started in 2016 with just founer Sunshine, her phone and laptop. In June 2016, Mandla and Tumi joined in as part of the strategy to grow the company. We had worked together in agencies before, and had our own dreams which we believed we could realise as a collective; by combining the skills that all three of us have to become one exciting agency.

Our business is a movement; we have taken the industry to another level. The different skills set come into play, with the creative heartbeat balanced out by a sound business mind. So, a brilliant idea is scrutinised in a manner that ensures it can be sold to big business in the language they understand.

When Mandla and Tumi came on board, Cheri Yase Kasi had just won a major account with a significant budget. We smashed that campaign out of the ballpark and impressed the client.

When Cheri Yase Kasi started making headway, we had offers from organisations that run their own incubation programmes. We were hesitant to say yes even though we knew we required the mentorship and coaching because we went from being employees to having to know processes, procurement, HR, compliance and more. Quite overwhelming!

The South African Breweries incubation programme was different. They wanted to help without wanting anything in return. One of the most valuable assets has been to have a business coach to pick up the phone to at any time.

For us, it’s important to show that kid in the township that you don’t have to be an A+ student to make it work. We want to show that there are other work opportunities out there that fall outside the traditional professions. We work with church groups in townships, take in paid interns, and kids also come for guidance, inspiration and mentorship.

Incubations like this should be started from school level because the challenge is usually that people don’t know about the availability of these resources. We should start building the entrepreneurial mindset from high school. It’s an incredible thing.