04 May

04 May 2018

Disability Summit 2018

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Disabled people across the globe tend to be marginalised due to stereotyping, traditional beliefs and ignorance. The World Health Organisation estimates that 10 percent of the world’s population consists of people with disabilities, with the majority of these in developing countries. According to the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), “People with disabilities find it difficult to find employment or be accepted within society as individuals who are capable of performing work tasks efficiently. This assumption requires a change in perspective, as people with disabilities should be granted the equal opportunity to jobs and fairness.”

AB inBev and SAB are strong believers in the growth of their people and the country, and encourage any means to help shift the perspective internally and externally around equal rights and opportunities. The SAB Foundation invests in entrepreneurs and social innovators – with an emphasis on services and products that benefit women, youth, people living in rural areas and persons living with disabilities – who show the potential and commitment to grow their businesses and create jobs.

Empowering the Unempowered

The SAB Foundation is a proud supporter of the Disability Summit, which took place on 18 April 2018 at the SABC Renaissance Room in Auckland Park. The Summit was in support of Hope Mandeville, which aimed to connect companies looking for new recruits, as well as disabled-led SMEs with corporate supply chains, in order to facilitate future partnerships and collaboration.

Leading by Example

Below are some of the SAB Foundation’s Beneficiaries that exhibited at the Summit.

  • GreenABLEis a non-profit company that trains people with disabilities to dismantle empty printer cartridges into their recyclable components for recycling.  For more information view the link here: http://greenable.co.za/
  • GET-2-WORK provides door-to-door services for workers to reach their places of work, in a dignified manner, respectably and with greatest convenience. They specialize in services that are inclusive, accommodating and usable by all people irrespective of their disability. The project is initiated in the East Rand, Kempton Park, and Ekurhuleni.
  • Smergos creates a range of wheelchair bags and other accessories that fit neatly onto any wheelchair, giving the customer a safe and easily-accessible way of carrying their belongings. For more information and to view their products follow the link here: https://www.smergos.com/
  • The Deaf Empowerment Firm was created to connect deaf people with empowerment opportunities that will enable them to lead self-sustainable lives via introducing them to employers, enterprise development opportunities and bursaries for skills development. For more information view the link here: https://www.deafempowerment.co.za/

The Inspiration to Overcome

So, whether it is getting a bursary or just travelling to work, there are opportunities to equalise the experience for all types of people. By identifying individuals and businesses who strive for the same values as SAB Foundation, the potential for growth is limitless. If you have any questions or comments let us know on our social pages - link below.

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