01 Jun

01 June 2016

Kgomotso Pooe, SAB Kickstart

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Soweto Outdoor Adventures is made up of Quad Biking, GoKarting, Paintball, Rock Climbing and Soweto Amazing Race among others. We recently launched the Soweto Paddle Boats because we have a dam out here that was built in 1956 for the Power Station, and wasn’t being utilised.

We are a unique business in that we brought adventure into the township. When we started in 2010, it had never been heard of before and people thought we were crazy. Interestingly, our primary customer base comprised of Sowetans. Things have changed somehow, and now our biggest market has become corporates, who come here for team building and other activities.

KickStart came about around the time we started to assist us in understanding the day-to-day running of the business, especially when it comes to processes as well as financial acumen and understanding the books. The mentoring and the coaching we received have been invaluable to us and we still consult the notes from the classes seven years later.

Every entrepreneur needs this kind of coaching and mentorship so that they can have guidelines and structure to understand how to run a business. It’s highly important to be able to constantly check the boxes to see that you are on the right path and understand the processes.

Thanks to everything learned at KickStart, we’ve now branched out to Cape Town and have pretty much conquered the iconic township blueprint – we have Soweto, the biggest township and Langa, the first township in South Africa.

SAB KickStart is not about whether you lose or win; it’s about the lessons you learn from the programme that will carry you for many years to come. Just look at us! Most importantly, let the passion drive you because when there’s no cash, the passion will keep you going.