19 Oct

19 October 2018

Smart Procurement World INDABA 2018

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Innovation That Transforms

In a recent study, 48% of organisations struggled to recruit the right talent during the last 12 months. These struggles included candidate expectations and a lack of sector skills and experience. The focus of 12th Annual Smart Procurement INDABA was to help people plan and move from theory to practice and develop a high-performance, well-capacitated procurement teams that drive commercial value and strategic goals.

The South African Breweries specifically participated in the Smart Supplier Conference, which has grown into a premier entrepreneurship event on the annual South African Entrepreneur Calendar. Created to support and promote SMMEs and facilitate collaboration among multi-helix actors.

Key Speakers and their Master Classes

Master Class 1: Personal branding

This masterclass was hosted by two inspiring speakers from various backgrounds.

Speaker 1: Selebogo 'DrLifesgud' Molefe

Selebogo is the Founder of The Hookup Dinner (THUD), Africa's fastest rising entrepreneurship movement that believes in having and supporting an entrepreneur in every home. He's also co-founder of The People's Fund, an asset-based crowdfunding platform that seeks to unlock capital growth constraints for startups in emerging markets. He loves to seek opportunities in manufacturing, residential property, circular packaging, and agriculture. You can also find him as  @DrLifesgud on most social platforms.
Speaker 2: Pepe Marais

Pepe is the co-founder and owner of Joe Public United. A 100% locally owned, full-service brand and communication group, operating at global standards. With his debut book, ‘Growing Greatness’, his passion shines through for raw creativity and the power behind the philosophy of growth.

Master Class 2: Choosing the best digital platforms for your business

This was hosted by Luyanda Jafta, the Bootcamp General at The People's Fund.

Luyanda is a math fanatic who has a passion for perfection. His life goal is to automate the world and enable us to evolve as a civilization in a catalytic fashion. If there is a digital strategy that needs to be executed to grow a business, he knows best on how to execute for success on each platform. Discover more about his passion here.

Shared Growth through Shared Knowledge

Masterclass 1: Personal branding

Essentially this masterclass started with illustrating the damage that one can cause to a business due to some foolish behaviour in public or online – just think about Adam Catzavelo. On the other hand, there are many benefits to your business if you market yourself correctly and prove yourself as a thought leader.

Within this Masterclass, a case study was used of Vusi Thembekwayo and Mogau Seshoen, below is a brief overview of these two Entrepreneurs.

Vusi Thembekwayo

Vusi believes that "If you want exponential growth, you need to be disruptive." This from a man voted in the top 10 on the Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 30 Most Influential SA Business leaders.

At 25 he ran a R400mn division in a R17bn multi-national. Today he is one of the youngest directors of a listed company and is the CEO of a boutique investment and advisory firm that forces medium, large and listed businesses into much needed, often painful, always lucrative new directions. Discover more about Vusi.
Mogau Seshoene A.K.A THE LAZY MAKOTI

Mogau is the founder of The Lazy Makoti, a business based on cooking classes to teach people how to cook traditional meals. The business has also created employment opportunities for five female entrepreneurs who manufacture handmade Lazy Makoti kitchen accessories in Mamelodi, Pretoria. Discover five key business lessons from her, here.

The two speakers, Selebogo and Pepe, took to the stage to run through their personal experiences with positioning and branding yourself in light of your vision and mission in life. The benefits extend beyond personal reputation. It's word of mouth for your product or service. It's building loyalty and creating aspiration for your brand.

"Personal branding is becoming less of a competitive edge and more of a requirement for anyone looking to grow their business; get that dream job; or take their career to the next level." -Ryan Erskine, Brand Strategist.

Here are 22 essential statistics, which prove the overwhelming value of personal branding.

Masterclass 2: Choosing the best digital platforms for your business

Luyanda's key message was to really know how to Google. It can be your best co-pilot when starting up and running a small business. Finding the right resources and the accompanying funds needed. Furthermore, it is about working smart, not hard.

Find your audience, define your objectives for social media and identify your resources and skills.

According to Luyanda…

Digital platforms that can help small business owners:

  • Accounting – Xero.com
  • Marketing – Mailchimp and Google AdWords
  • Logistics and warehousing solutions – Parcelninja
  • E-commerce – Woo commerce and Shopify
  • Project management – Trello

Additional sources he recommended for digital trends:

How to Do Business with SAB

As part of the programme, SAB also hosted a quick overview on how entrepreneurs can do business with SAB. The focus of this segment was to provide aspirant vendors information on the SAB Supply Chain, the products and services required, and the sourcing process.  

As a reminder, vendors can submit their information for review to the address: Supplier.development@za.ab-inbev.com

Or for more information on entrepreneurship support interventions visit: www.sabentrepreneurship.co.za

Never Stop Networking

To those who attended the INDABA and specifically our programme, a big thank you. If you are an entrepreneur keen to see our country grow from strength to strength, join our communities and stay up to date on business insights and inspiration.