26 Apr

26 April 2018

The search for Africa's top innovators has begun

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Gandhi famously said 'Be the the change you want to see in the world', At AB InBev, we have globally launched our 2025 sustainability goals, which helps drives us and support like-minded people to implement positive change.

The key to bring our goals to life in Africa and finding these ‘like-minded’ heroes, will be in the form of an Africa Sustainability Challenge.


At AB InBev, we are building a company to last, brewing beer and building brands that will continue to bring people together for the next 100 years and beyond. That said, we are at a point in time where the sustainability challenges faced by Africa, and the rest of the world, are numerous and significant. There has never been a better time to find innovative solutions within smart agriculture, water stewardship, climate action, circular packaging and entrepreneuship, guided by the spirit of collabarotion.

We are looking for Africa’s top innovators and disruptors. People who are ahead of the pack in their respective enterprises and who are keen to collaborate and accept the support of a growing global company.

With your innovative solution, you can stand the chance to win one of the following:

  1. A trip to Africa’s very own Silicone Savannah in Nairobi Kenya to benchmark against the continent’s leading green enterprises; and or
  2. $50 000 for seed capital funding to scale their enterprise; and or
  3. An opportunity to compete in the global stage at our New York based Accelerator


1. Circular Packaging Challenge:

Do you have an innovative solution that uses waste streams as a resource, generates value, and redirects waste from landfills, ensuring that we have a waste free, circular future?

2. Water Stewardship Challenge:

Do you have an innovative solution to expand access to water and sanitation services to households with no access to water?

3. Climate Action Challenge:

Do you have an innovative solution that supports low income communities, to adapt and transform to meet the challenges of climate change with access to renewable energy or carbon reduction opportunities?

4. Entrepreneurship Challenge:

Do you have an innovative business solution that depends on employing a large number of people in order to solve sustainability challenges such as renewable energy, climate change, access to clean and safe water, waste management and sustainable agriculture?

5. Smart Agriculture Challenge:

Do you have an innovation that builds high impact, inclusive solutions that improve grower access to sustainable agricultural resources, products, processes, or tools that can increase the quality, yield, and sustainability of farming at scale?


If you feel that your business has what it takes to accept this challenge, follow these steps to enter:

  1. Visit the website www.challengeaccepted.africa
  2. Read about the sustainability goals
  3. Read up on the 5 challenges
  4. Select one or more challenge that you are interested in solving
  5. Fill-in the required information on the application form
  6. Submit a video as required by the application form
  7. Submit your complete application

Applications are open from 24 April – 31 May 2018.

For more information visit the website, or ask your questions via our social platforms or email info@challengeaccepted.africa.